Built for Common Sense Problem-Solving

With Helm, it doesn't need to be complicated. It simply needs to focus on results.

Manage Activity Cycles

Streamline repeatability for an event series or ongoing process, by building and updating multiple activities at once.

Share Tasks Across Activities

Share and update checklist items, across multiple activities, to limit confusing project & process overlaps.

Use Your Mental Mapping

Sub-label activities by how you think about them whether it be by event dates, deadlines, locations, or departments.

Evolve Activities with the Business

Simplify your approach to each activity by focusing each and every one of them on delivering the same expectations.

Distribute Resources & Tasks

Keep resources & specialty tools linked to activities, to keep everything everyone needs in one place.

Bulk-Assign Activities

Push multiple existing activities to new assignees in response to gaps and changing circumstances.

Cut to the Chase

Centralize everything an employee or vendor needs within an activity so that there are no excuses on delivering.

Enforce Vendor Accountability

Gain clear visibility into resource downloads and task completions to keep accountability enforced.

Vanity-Free Metrics

Focus each activity on a realistic measure for success, so that progress isn't blinded by checklist completion.

Effort Scoring

Track performance effort or bandwidth for each activity, to surface problem vendors, assignments, and processes.

Execution Statuses

Identify if execution is experiencing a challenge or a full-stop barrier, to identify bottlenecks and process problems.

Glance-Ready Analytics

Focus in on activities that need your attention from process, people, or resource gaps.